Welcome in sales gallery of digital large format pictures for individual artistic tuning of your interiors.

You can see and browse pictures in a few different ways. For the best lucidity of your choice there are different filter types available (colouring, destination, theme, type) in Picture gallery Pictures in News in gallery je are sorted by web published date or by date when picture was taken. Picture series are offering you a different view through collections of related pictures (idea, content, mood). Popular panoramic format is available in separate sections or in Picture gallery.

Based on your order pictures are manufactured in numbered and author signed limited series.
Thanks to used special printing ink technology composition are keeping deep black tones and wide & soft range of colors. Color fade resistance for more than 82 years is tested.

Adjustment of picture in singular border-less full glass dust free framing is underlining art decorative character and long-term value of the work.

Peter Zurek


Photography for Leontinka

Předaukční výstavaExhibitions concluded by 2. auction of photography for Leontinka. Payoff from auction is dedicated for projects of Foundation Leontinka for visual handicapped kids.

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BangkokThailand – Czech days 2007
Bangkok and Phuket, exhibitions organised by Embassy of the Czech Republic in Thailand.

October – November 2007
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Lawrence FerlinghettiCzech Press Photo 2007

Pictures in exhibition collection of Czech Press Photo 2007.

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Catalogue of Gallery limited edition Catalogue of Gallery limited edition We prepared for you Catalogue of Gallery limited edition.

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Prague’s collection In Picture Gallery you can find pictures of new „black & color“ Prague’s collec­tion. Pictures are available in ordinary formats as well first time in true panoramic formats in horizontal and vertical orientation and sizes up to 115cm x 45cm.

Prague’s collection Gallery of Prague – ordinary formats
Gallery of Prague – panoramic horizontal
Gallery of Prague – panoramic vertical

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